From the Board,

Calling All Members...


A big “Thank You” to all our members for your years of support, dedication and loyalty to YOUR Colton Federal Credit Union. We need your assistance in recruiting new members.   Who can Join?  Employee’s of Colton Joint Unified School District, City of Colton,                San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools and your immediate family members.


Bring in a co-worker, children/grandchildren, parents or any immediate family member.  You will be rewarded with a chance to win a gift card! Not only will you be rewarded; but so will the new member! Let’s ALL support our credit by increasing the membership!




Phone # (909) 825-5442



Enter to WIN,

Take our Survey....

Members tell us how we can better serve you?


What services or products would you like Colton Federal Credit Union to offer?


This survey is designed to measure your level of satisfaction with CFCU, it consists of 4 questions and should take less than a minute to complete


We are listening.....


Fill out our survey and your name will be entered into a $50.00 drawing.


Drawing will be held on...


Friday September 29, 2017

*One survey per member


Responding to the survey is voluntary. Any information you provide is for the sole purpose of inproving CFCU products and services. *Name must be written on survey to be entered into drawing. 



Colton FCU